Our speciality

We plan, deploy, optimize, monitor and maintain your local and wide area network (LAN and WAN) infrastructure.

Integrated marketing & communication solutions

Maximize your WiFi environment, learn more about your users, communicate more easily with them, build their loyalty. A collaboration between ZAP and FY5.

Sur le terrain

Expand your WiFi network

For your users, your customers or your team, a personalized wifi network, to communicate better and work more efficiently.

Maximize your efficiency

Your operations matter. We deploy, monitor and maintain your IT environment to maximize your efficiency.

Analyze and generate data

Who are your customers? Why do they choose you? Why do they come back? Develop your customer base and optimize your communication tools. Add SY5 software to your wifi environment.

Optimize your impact

Add a marketing portal to your public WiFi

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Business Intelligence # 1

Offering free wifi is good; knowing who uses it is better. Communicate the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

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Your power of attraction # 2

Who loves you and why? People prefer a neighborhood for its proximity, its color, its vibrant daily life. Stand out from the competition with you power of attraction.

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Loyalty # 3

In such a volatile world, loyal customers are gems. Get the tools to talk to them, invite them to parties and earn their loyalty. It's important that we talk about you.


Some of our satisfied customers

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Les Promenades Masson

Les Promenades Masson has been offering public wifi for several years now. In 2019, the SY5 communication-marketing software was implemented. Its impact was immediate, with users already numbering in the thousands.

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Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

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Vision-Centre-Ville - Gatineau

The Culture Trail was completed by Ville de Gatineau with the cooperation of Vision centre-ville and Tourisme Outaouais. The Culture Trail offers three kilometers of cultural discoveries through downtown.

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The Montreal Village

The Gay Village of Montreal Is a unique destination recognized worldwide. Experience a vibrant, sexy and welcoming neighborhood!

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Île-Lebel Park - Lachine

Over 200 000 visitors every year benefit of a prime, full coverage, free and public wifi network.